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Implant-Supported Dentures in Centennial, CO

Implant Supported Dentures in Centennial, CO

Unlike regular dentures, which are completely removable and rest on the gums, implant supported dentures are anchored in the mouth by dental implants. Though these types of dentures can be placed in either the upper or lower jaw, dentures supported by implants are usually placed in the lower jaw because that area is inclined to be less stable. Dentures often slip or come loose in the mouth, which can be embarrassing for the wearer, in addition to creating difficulties with chewing and speaking. Dentures supported by implants, however, offer more security and less slippage because the device is snapped into place using the implants in the jaw. Implant supported dentures also eliminate the need for adhesives or denture paste.

Implant supported dentures are available in two types: bar retained dentures and ball retained dentures.

Bar Retained Dentures

A bar retained denture requires three or more implants surgically placed in the gums. Attached to these implants is a metal bar that runs along the gum line. The denture rests on the metal bar and is held in place with clips or a similar accessory. Bar retained dentures offer added stability as well as less discomfort and rubbing than traditional dentures.

Ball Retained Dentures

Ball retained dentures, sometimes referred to as stud-attachment dentures, employ a ball-and-socked-design to affix the dentures to implants in the gums. In this type of implant supported by dentures treatment, the doctor fits the denture with sockets and places a ball on top of the implants. The denture and implants can then be snapped together in the areas where they meet. Ball retained dentures are considered to be especially secure and are suitable for an open upper jaw denture. These dentures supported by implants are less inclined to slide or move inside the mouth, allowing patients to eat favorite foods, speak more clearly, and enjoy an overall higher quality of life.

If you are interested in learning more about implant supported dentures, schedule an appointment with your doctor at the Denver Periodontics & Implant Dentistry in Centennial, Colorado to discuss your treatment options. 


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