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All-on-4® Dental Implants in Centennial, CO

If a patient is missing a full arch of teeth, the seemingly most convenient solution is a traditional denture that can replace basic function and appearance of the smile. Though cost-effective short-term, dentures do not provide a permanent solution to missing teeth and generally need to be replaced to accommodate a shrinking jaw bone. All-on-4® dental implants are a more permanent, healthier solution to dentures. All-on-4 takes a dental prosthesis and secures it onto four dental implants, surgically screwed into areas of the jaw bone where there is the most volume. With the added stability of dental implants, All-on-4 can be a beneficial way to replace missing teeth and a healthier alternative to traditional dentures.

The All-on-4 Procedure

All-On-Four®All-on-4 uses only four dental implants to secure a life-like bridge or prosthesis. During surgery, Dr. Heather Richardson places the dental implants in locations and at angles that will provide the greatest stability once fully fused to the jaw bone. A temporary full-arch prosthesis will be attached the same day of surgery. When the dental implants are completely integrated 3-4 months later, you will visit your dentist to receive a full-arch restoration piece that will permanently attach to the dental implants. Dr. Richardson is a board-certified periodontist who specializes in dental implants. She places dental implants with great precision and care to help provide the best functional results for you.

The Benefits

All-on-4 is ideal for patients who may be experiencing jaw bone loss due to multiple missing teeth. Dental implants replicate the natural stimulation of the jaw bone from tooth roots and help prevent further bone loss from occurring. Because All-on-4 is more stable than dentures, patients can eat a wider variety of food and enjoy chewing without the fear of dentures slipping or falling out. You also no longer have to feel embarrassed about smiling, as All-on-4 provides you with a full arch of straight, white teeth that are very similar in appearance and function to normal, healthy teeth.

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