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dental patient testimonials - Centennial, CODr. Richardson,

For three years I have enjoyed the benefit of your professional care. I write to thank you for the quality and character of that care. I am so fortunate to have been referred to you for the periodontal and surgical work that I sorely needed. Your credentials, your experience, your skill, and the demand that you enjoy as a teacher of periodontics all testify to the level of care you are able to provide.

In so many ways, the way you have related to me has been extraordinary. You have always treated me as a person rather than a subject for your professional activity. You have always treated me with respect and included me in ever aspect of the planning and treatment. You have explained in detail every part of the process ahead of the procedure and have kept me abreast of the progress throughout the procedure.

The people you have chosen to work with you are also first rate. It is a pleasure to witness the teamwork that you achieve. It seems that you have a connection more profound and ready than the verbal connection.

The quality of your caring goes beyond the professional and into the personal. A trip to ones periodontist/oral surgeon is not typically an occasion for eager anticipation. I do, indeed, look forward to each visit and come away feeling well cared for and cared about.

Other professionals with whom I have worked, upon learning that I am a concert cellist, have asked me to keep them aware of my performances when they take place in Denver. I have complied. You are the first who has actually attended my performance. That is a very clear indication that I am more to you than a patient.

Both of my parents had weak teeth. They had seven children and could not afford braces for all of them, so the four girls got the braces. Unfortunately, I inherited the propensity for weak teeth. Thank you for regarding my dental health as a plenary issue rather than just an attempt to fix a single issue as it presents. You have, first, given me hope that I can have a more complete, healthy dental setup, and second, helped me to plan the profess of recovery long term.

Sincerely, THANKS!

Jim Fittz, DMA
Emeritus Professor of Cello

"Good afternoon Dr Heather,

Just wanted to thank you and your staff for making me feel comfortable and I know now that I found the right place to get my teeth back to Healthy! Looking forward to seeing you and starting the process. Have a great week."

Bob - Denver

"I've had issues with receding gums since my early twenties. I had my first gum graft in 2004 with a doctor not of my choosing, due to dental benefit restrictions. Unfortunately the experience was not positive and my results did not last long. After about 5 months I had the issues again and over the years it got worse with increased sensitivity to hot and cold and pain with brushing. Now, 11 years later, I finally made the decision to undergo the procedure again. This time I was referred to Denver Periodontics & Implant Dentistry (DPID) by my regular DMD. My experience with Dr. Richardson and the staff at DPID has been exceptional. They are very receptive and professional. I felt very comfortable since the moment I walked in. Everyone on the staff was friendly and answered all my concerns and questions with a refreshing confidence. My procedure went wonderful, and they followed up with me many times during my recovery. I was surprised when Dr. Richardson called me the next day (Saturday) just to see how I was doing. My results this time are 100% better than my first experience. The techniques Dr. Richardson uses has assured me I will not have the issues occur again any time soon. It looks beautiful and my pain with sensitivity is gone. I'm very happy with the care I received and ecstatic about my results. I highly recommend Dr. Richardson and the staff at Denver Periodontics."

-Alicia Persich

"Hello Dr. Richardson,

Thank you so much for your message. Both María and I are so grateful not only to your expertise and great work, but also to your wonderful ways to put her at ease and letting her feel well taken care for from the moment we stepped into your office till now. We have commented often how nice you all were and what a wonderful experience it was.

Thank you again for your care and dedication. Happy Easter!"


"Hello Dr Richardson, I called the office to try to leave you a voice message and Nancy gave me your email. I just want to say thanks again for all you have done for me. Much appreciated. You are truly a very special person and hands down one of the coolest people that I have ever been fortunate to meet. (Even after you poked my root). I enjoy coming to see you and am glad i was able to find you again.Stay cool,thanks again,take care."

Jesse, Bailey Colorado

"I was upset when I heard my periodontist had moved. Dr Richardson had taken over Denver Periodontics and Implant Dentistry and she offered to meet me at no extra charge. After meeting her I felt confident and good about her treating me. After I had my entire mouth treated with gum grafts, I was actually glad the other doctors moved. Dr Richardson did an amazing job and she checked on me that night herself. I had no pain just some swelling she prepared me for before and I look 10 years younger. I would tell anyone to see Dr Richardson. Thank you Dr Richardson. You are the best!"

- Cindy
“I thought the entire experience was fantastic…….I will send anyone I know to you!”


 “The care was professional, individualized and caring.  My anxiety was diminished due to the caring attention I received.  Thank you for your excellent work.”



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